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The "Euphoria Studios" is an estate situated on the outskirts of Taygetos in the region of Mani. With small coastal villages sleeping in the shade of an insurmountable mountain , where natural position, fertile land and its magnificent views make it the perfect relaxation destination , exploration and inner peace . The sunset is not without admiration residential masterfully built with stone something out of the entrails of the rock , enjoying all the privileges of the physical location of the property . 






And when you take your eyes off the melon field , Turn your gaze towards the gorge Koskoraka .

Traveled your look at the path to where it lost in the depth of the mountain , feel the breeze blowing and let the rustling of the leaves to travel to the sea.


There, under the shadow of the imposing natural pyramid Taygetos , entangled terrestrial energy place with secret almost " divine " energy mountain .

The stunning views , the refreshing shade that gives Taygetos , the breeze coming from the gorge and the smells of fruit from the vegetable garden travel visitors all year round .



The property is located at the foot of the Taygetos Mountains on the way to Kardamyli , in the village of Campos and 5 stone houses ecological houses . Under the shade of geopyramidas Taygetos , the mountain by Nikiforos Vrettakos found " erotic smiximo sun and the stone " standing agrotourism estate "Euphoria Studios".