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The small ecological vegetable garden is now full of fruit. Organic broccoli , tomatoes , eggplants , artichokes , thyme and superfoods eager to offer all their nutrients. Nourished and grown only in water , soil and the wonderful sun of Mani .

Every season seems ideal, because this place is special, special.
In autumn, the days leaves embroider their orange carpet, stripped of their fruits, and give way to winter, where you can learn about the climate change, the end of a natural rite and prepare for the great creation, birth of spring fruits.

Once arrives and summer, the awakening of nature. The estate is fortunate to be located in the party with the most sunshine in Greece. The sun embraces, gives impetus to the fruits of the earth and fragrant place all.

The natural position , fertile land and its magnificent views make it the perfect relaxation destination , exploration and inner peace .