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The wider area of Mani is known for its elaborate of traditional architecture , with stone-built traditional villages, stone towers , the 7 castles , archaeological sites , caves and gorges.


Small coastal villages sleeping in the shade of an insurmountable mountain. Land rich in fruits , thyme , savory , honey , oil, carob olives , herbs tea ( sage ) and thousands of hidden beauties make Mani one of the most popular destinations .




And the sun ! The sun since ancient times fights with Doric mountain exceeds foliage of trees , crossing canyons , penetrating caves and gives it plenty of light .


Her heart pounding earth as the visitor entranced by the beauty of the place !

Taygetos bearing the name of Taygeti , one of the Atlantides , standing proudly between Laconia and Messinia with the highest peak of touching the 2.407m .

And the sunset is not without admiration. Just before the sun sets , and sunset salutes the top, then the shadow pyramid stretching towards the Laconian plain and the light of the sunset forming a perfect line tangential to the top of the pyramid .


Taygetos , the absolute energy place , the giant transmitter that they turned negative energy elsewhere , the ideal observatory for the stars movements. The top of the pyramid that many thought it was absolute imaginary straight to the top of Mount Olympus .




If you look carefully , a little before sunrise you can discern the clean formation of a perfect pyramid in the Messinian Gulf , the exact equilateral triangular shadow of the mountain peak.

On top dominates a natural pyramid, which is until now unexplained phenomenon . The " geopyramida " of the mountain believed to be one of the " gates " through which the Divine Harmony offers the " everlasting light " of Humanity , this ancient cosmic channel .